Vehicle Maintenance and Your Warranty

Lube ‘n Go was founded in El Paso in 1976 and we have been caring for customer vehicles ever since. This is an accomplishment we are both proud of and take very seriously. Many of our customers come to us as the experts in our field to ask important questions regarding the condition and maintenance of their vehicles.   As car dealerships become more competitive, our customers often ask whether or not they may have their vehicles serviced at Lube ‘n Go and keep their warranty. Many dealerships want you to believe that you must have your vehicle serviced with them to keep your warranty in place.   No matter what, using products or services other than the vehicle manufacturer brand will not void your vehicle warranty.   Under the Magnuson-Moss Act, a vehicle manufacturer or its authorized dealerships may not make a vehicle warranty conditional upon the use of any brand of product or place of service, unless that manufacturer provides the product or service free of charge.   Congress enacted the Magnuson-Moss Act in 1975 in response to the widespread misuse of express warranties and disclaimers. The purpose of the Act is to make warranties on consumer products more readily understood and enforceable. Intended to protect from deceptive warranty practices, the Act also provides the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with means to best protect consumers.   Federal law prohibits dealerships from implying or denying warranty services because scheduled maintenance was performed at an independent car care facility like Lube ‘n Go.   While we believe that everyone has the right to choose where his or her vehicle will be maintained, we stand behind our ability to give you the best service in the industry. We have strict hiring processes, high standards as well as intensive and on-going employee training to ensure that each customer receives only the finest in vehicle maintenance and service. We work hard each day to earn your trust and sincerely appreciate your business.   Lube ‘n Go has 11 neighborhood locations. No need for an appointment, to wait all day or drop off your vehicle. We report all maintenance to CarFax nightly so your vehicle records are correct, thorough and professional. We use only the best products and practices. You can rest assured; your vehicle warranty is valid.   IMG_2434